Advanced market potential modelling techniques were developed for all sectors, based on international best practice and leading methods globally. The services offered by the company include:

  • Market research
  • Economic analyses: 
    Macro, meso and micro level
  • Socio-economic analyses:
    Macro, meso and micro level
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Real estate market analyses:
    Macro, meso and micro level
  • Urban and rural markets:
    Including township and traditional area

Market Potential Modelling

Includes supply-demand models for inter alia residential, retail, commercial, short-stay / tourism, MICE, educational, healthcare (hospitals & clinics) and other market segments. Provides detailed quantums to inform decision making processes for developers, funders and investors.

Space Demand Modelling

Advanced demand models for the office, industrial and automotive market segments. As with the market segments identified above, these models quantify market potential over time and associated aspects related to timing (point of market entry) and incremental phasing.

Economic and Fiscal Impact Assessments

The company has developed a unique multi-variable model that offers comprehensive insight into the multitude of economic, socio-economic and fiscal impacts that would result as a consequence of capital investment in a particular project or initiative. The model simulates the complex relationships between economic variables to quantify the multiplier impacts of a project in terms of key economic variables, job creation variables, new business enterprises created across the spectrum, skills impacts across all skills levels, rates and taxes impacts for various levels of government, etc. The model is based on leading practices internationally, but in a uniquely packaged format. The outcomes generated are particularly useful and informative for political and financial decision making processes. 

Specialised GIS-Based Modelling

Geographic information systems (GIS) technology is utilised to map a variety of thematic economic, socio-economic, real estate and related indicators. Multi-criteria models have been developed to assist with location evaluation, selection and optimisation, as well as multi-variable geo-spatial analyses. 

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